China's ambitions over the United States 70% of women want to be a senior

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China's ambitions over the United States 70% of women want to be a senior

Post  cylili on Mon Oct 25, 2010 9:12 pm

louis vuitton outletAmerican "Newsweek" news network has to "Chinese women than American women" more ambitious "" in the title, announced the results of a study. The article said that the American women in higher education, only slightly more than 1 / 3 of their very ambitious person. In China, the figure was closer to 2 / 3. In addition, more than 75% of Chinese women executives eager to get jobs, and the U.S., compared with only 50%.

louis vuitton outletSocial and institutional progress, so that out of thousands of Chinese women's dependent status, to achieve a "can hold up half" of the self-worth. In China, very few institutional barriers to prevent women achieve professional success, therefore, women as leaders is considered a very common thing. Statistics show that of the Eleventh National People's Congress on behalf of the proportion of women was 21.3%, higher than the proportion of women in the United States Congress. The Peking University Law School Women's Law Center, a research and research shows that: in the company's managers, the male ratio of 57.9%, 42.1% for women, the basic balance. However, Chinese women have become such a "strong heart", in reality there is no doubt push the hand of power.

true religion outletFirst of all, modern women have a strong independent spirit. Most people love what you do, do not want the same as traditional women will be mothers as the only mission, but efforts to achieve professional success and achieve self-worth. Second, the gender discrimination in employment can not be ignored. China Women's Federation in August this year, the Ministry of Women Development's "Survey of Female College Students Entrepreneurship" report shows that 91.9% of the interviewed female students felt the employer's gender bias, female science and engineering students "often" experience the highest rates of discrimination. To work in is not easy to get a firm footing, can only act as a "good soldier to become a general." Again, highly educated young women growing older. Since the other half is always illusory, "cool, the heart," the woman will look smart or frustration will switch to the cause.

true religion outlet"Ambition" of happiness that is what women like? Her heart to be strong, tolerant, calm; at work to ease and aggressive; in life to be able to play well and daughter, a wife, a mother's responsibility, and to strike a balance. This is the most successful women's portrayal of women in mind.


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