2012 end of the world should be extended 50 to 100 years

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2012 end of the world should be extended 50 to 100 years

Post  cylili on Tue Oct 26, 2010 8:58 pm

louis vuitton outletAccording to the Mayan culture expert's new book, called "2012," Calculation of the Maya there is a serious error of legislation, he thought the date should be delayed for 50 years -100 years back. 2012 is the calculation error? According to the long-popular view, the ancient Mayan calendar had "predicted" the world will have an end, December 21, 2012 the world will perish. However, the University of California Santa Barbara professor of Kasi Nuo Ka Qinuo Grahl multi-Ahl
language and Dana, which was questioned.

louis vuitton outletGraal more in his latest book, "Calendar and Chronology II - the world's ancient and medieval astronomical and time" that say 2012, is not accurate. In his view, calendar calculation error led scientists produced this conclusion. Graal to 20 at a news conference, said: "Maya civilization has disappeared, now the greatest difficulty in calculating the Mayan calendar, few scholars can also proficient in astronomy, epigraphy and archeology, so we can not study seen the full. "

true religion outletGraal to say, the previous methodology, scholars usually using a program called "GMT constant" value, the Mayan calendar into the Gregorian calendar. One of the most critical step is to calculate the "GMT constants." Early studies in honor of the three well-known scholar of Maya culture Goodman, Martin and Thompson, academics and more on the use of three English names to name the first letter of "GMT constants."

true religion outletGraal to explain that, "GMT constant" a lot of reading through the post-colonial period some recovery files calculate the "GMT constant", the contents of these files are expressed in the Mayan language with the Latin alphabet. But many suspect that some of the graal astronomical evidence is incorrect. He therefore considered that, "GMT constant" is wrong. However, more research graal, and can not quell some of the public on the end of the world, said the panic. For 2012, movies, books and websites have been favorable.


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