The story on the quartz

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The story on the quartz

Post  cylili on Thu Oct 28, 2010 9:32 pm

louis vuitton outletOriginal second hand on the dials of the clock pin is short score, and they are all black, bell did not "spray dots" sound. Minute and second hands are like the hour hand, minute hand to see the clock just once, have to wait an hour, and seconds every minute to see the hour hand.

louis vuitton outletOne day, the minute hand can not stand to complain to God: "God! God! You so unfair, why she can see him every minute, and I want to see him again, have to wait an hour for so long? She came to me every minute, it seems to me to show off in. "

true religion outlet After listening to the words of the minute hand of God, secretly smiled, and asked the minute hand: "What do you want?" Minute hand, said: "I want her for a change, I can see him every minute, so she also try want to see him again, to wait for the taste of an hour. "God asked earnestly:" You sure you want to do that? "minute hand firmly and said:" I'm sure! I love him more than her, I should be every minute to see him. "God says:" Well, but I have to turn you into the red. "

true religion outlet Minute puzzled and asked: "Why should I turn red?" God says: "Because the black needle, tears are red, and red needles, tears are white." Minute hand, although the words of God that strange, But have not thought too much, yes. The minute hand has finally got what they wanted, and now see the hour hand minute hand only once a minute, and second hand have to wait an hour to see the clock again. A minute later, the minute hand meet the hour and minute hands are happy, and the clock was going to say hello to her surprise, just over a second, minute hand would have to leave the clock. Future of each meeting are also only a short period of a second. And with every passing hour, the second hand and hour hand can stay together for a minute.

true religion jeansIt depressed the next minute they feel both a sense of grievance can not help but to tears. Teardrop on the dials of the clock "tick tick" of the ringing, but because the minute hand of the tears is white, so no one could see, only hear the "tick tick" sound.


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