Polio immunization campaigns in Africa 72 million children will benefit

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Polio immunization campaigns in Africa 72 million children will benefit

Post  cylili on Fri Oct 29, 2010 8:38 pm

louis vuitton outletIn West Africa, central and eastern countries of the 15 polio immunization campaign carried out simultaneously, 29 million working people in high-risk areas of transmission of disease from house to house to provide for all children under five two doses of oral polio vaccine, trying to to immunize 72 million children. WHO said the move did not eradicate polio in Africa is an important opportunity.

louis vuitton outletWorld Health Organization spokesman Curtis (Rod Curtis) pointed out that polio spread from Nigeria to the other 24 countries in Africa, African leaders an unprecedented show of cooperation and determination, in the first half of last year and this year launched series of immunization campaigns, greatly curb the spread of the virus speed.

true religion outletBut recently, failed to completely eradicate the risk of this disease have led to the rise of the potential, Liberia, Mali, Uganda, there have been sporadic cases.

true religion outletCurtis said: "Angola and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, is some cases. The two countries in the past six months, a total of 58 recorded cases in Africa 48, which is the issue of Africa in the face of polio the greatest threat. "

true religion jeansThe immunization campaign will cost $ 42,600,000, mainly funded by the Bill and Melinda? Gates Foundation, the U.S. Center for Disease Control and Prevention, the United States Agency for International Development, Rotary International, UNICEF, and Japan and Germany government. Rotary International since 1985 to eradicate polio has contributed 10 billion dollars.


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