Bees solve math problems to improve the transportation planning

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Bees solve math problems to improve the transportation planning

Post  cylili on Sun Oct 31, 2010 8:57 pm

louis vuitton outletA recent UK study says that in flowers flying bees showed a small crack easily, "the traveling salesman problem," the ability to attract the world and this is a big problem for many years mathematicians, such as bees can understand solution, will help people improve their transportation planning and logistics fields.

louis vuitton outlet"Traveling salesman problem," often called the "traveling salesman problem" is that a salesman to visit multiple sites, how to find the time to visit each site and then return to the starting point of the shortest path. Rule is simple, but after the increase in the number of location is extremely complex to solve. Of 42 locations, for example, if you want to enumerate all the paths and then determine the best schedule, the total path of the number of large, almost impossible to calculate. Over the years mathematicians worldwide brains, trying to find an efficient algorithm, the recent large-scale computer with the help of the only made some progress.

However, Royal Holloway College, University of London researchers reported that other organizations, small easy bees showed the ability to solve this problem. They use artificial flowers for manual control experiments showed that, in any case change the position of the flower, bee, after a little exploring, and soon to be found in different flowers Jian flying the shortest path. This is the first time that animals can solve this problem, the study to be published in "American Naturalist" magazine.

true religion outletNigel Dr. Lei En research, said every day in the hive and the bees flitting from flower to flower collecting nectar in different inter-flight is a very energy consuming thing, so in fact every bee days a solution, "traveling salesman problem." Although the bee brain is only so much grass seed, and no computer help, but it has evolved a good solution, if we can understand how bees do it, the production of human life will be of great help. According to reports, "the traveling salesman problem" applications include: how to plan the most rational and efficient road traffic to reduce congestion; how to better plan the logistics, in order to reduce operating costs; in the Internet environment, how best to set the node to better enable the flow of information and so on.


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