Putin and the horse "whispering" filling tender tough guy

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Putin and the horse "whispering" filling tender tough guy

Post  cylili on Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:13 pm

louis vuitton outletTough guy who has always been the image of Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin said in his recent trip to Siberia, and the horse was taken to the "dialogue" shows the tender side of the political strongman. I saw him jump off the horse, his cheek close to the horse's nose, Weibi eyes, as if whispering in and horses.

louis vuitton outletPutin's visit is to examine the survival of snow leopards in the wild environment to fulfill their own in Russia before the 2014 Winter Olympic Games --- the commitment back to the snow leopard lives in the Caucasus .

true religion outletTo this end, Putin's frequent visits in recent years, Siberia, to explore this dangerous animal. Earlier this year, he was wearing Yang Piao, wearing a leather hat in the depth of the horse Taxue, gestures between the man of spirit filling. In 2007, topless Putin fishing, to show the world his muscles strong and fit. For Putin, the site with the horse "dialogue" in August of this year photos of "gray whale hunting darts" in stark contrast to the image, which has lead to criticism, in particular, aroused the animal protector anger.

true religion outlet"Daily Post" said that for Putin, it seems a group photo with nature has become a very good ability, of course, he may participate in this image for the presidential election in 2012 is very favorable.


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