Broke his neck by F1 racing technology to help rehabilitation

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Broke his neck by F1 racing technology to help rehabilitation

Post  cylili on Thu Nov 04, 2010 7:19 pm

louis vuitton outletA British woman was riding accidentally broke his neck, when she got up to leave Shique horror that the head on the ground to lose control, so he had both hands holding his head, staggered to walk to safety. Now, she relies F1 car in the use of advanced technological marvel recovery.

louis vuitton outletThea Maxfield, 26, Oxfordshire, England ran a stud farm. In a riding, how far she was thrown out of 6 meters, the ground his head, resulting in neck separation of the brain, similar to the person to be hanged suffered neck injuries. Thea did not realize how serious their injuries in the end, just because the horse was still running around very fast, she wanted to try to leave, but she was horrified to discover that his head did not move.

true religion outletHorse riding in order to avoid being hurt, Thea realized that he had to act, then with her hands around his head, and then the lift and avoid injury spine. "I Yishuai dismount children to know there is something wrong, I want to get up only to find that his head still in the ground. I can neither move the head, neck and also can not move," Thea recalls. Doctors initially warned that she may be permanently paralyzed, but what is surprising is that Thea F1 racing through advanced technology in the 7 months and then return to the horse. She put on a kind of revolutionary support frame, which airs through a number of small sensors connected to the computer.

true religion outletThea is the world's first person using this equipment. These sensors are usually used to measure the F1 car wheels, truck suspension, and air currents of factors, the value of £ 6,000, after adjusting for the treatment of a modified top-level athletes. Highly skilled therapists using information collected by this device Thea exercises tailored exercise plan to ensure the recovery of her perfect neck.


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