The two memory systems octopus magic

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The two memory systems octopus magic

Post  cylili on Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:37 pm

according to coach outlet reported that:

Octopus known as Octopus, octopus, are mollusks, there are eight feet long. 8 octopus sucker's wrist with both caught

Food and also as aids during flow; octopus have amazing camouflage techniques, coach bags has the complete range of change

Posture, skin structure and function of the mechanism of color to achieve the hidden self-protection purposes. At the same time, or an octopus

Kinds of food with high nutritional value.

Octopus average life expectancy is generally around 3 years old, if living conditions are very satisfactory, up to 4 years old living

. Animal experts said Cosgrove, octopus on the planet and human differences have emerged one of the largest bio-

. Octopus has a well-developed eyes, this is the only similarity with humans, other aspects were very different -

Octopus has three hearts, two memory systems: one is the brain memory system, and the other memory system is directly related to smoking

Disk connected.

Octopus on the date of birth alone. Small octopus only a very short time should be able to learn the skills; and most of

Points of different animals, small octopus learning not to pass on the basis of elders. Study of small octopus predation alone, camouflage,

Find a better home.

Octopus or a few multi-intelligence, has long been controversial as scientists, scientists, experiments show that relevant puzzle

, Octopus with short-term memory and long-term memory, IQ equivalent to 2-year-old child's intelligence. Scientific experiments show that

, Octopus can even open the bottle, eat delicious crab handbags

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