Italian Prime Minister Blair a gift from his wife or cheap watches

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Italian Prime Minister Blair a gift from his wife or cheap watches

Post  cylili on Fri Nov 05, 2010 8:26 pm

louis vuitton outletFormer British Prime Minister Tony Blair's wife Cherie on the Internet earlier this month, actually the price of 98 pounds to give the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was Blair's watch or cheap.

louis vuitton outletSince leaving office from 3 years ago, Blair has been saved in the bank 20 million pounds, his lecture fees per minute up to 6000 pounds, can his wife Cherie There seems to make a little money for hobbies, her piece of £ 300 Lockman (Locman) into the well-known watches for sale on auction website eBay, and only £ 98 price tag, description of the goods with the words "the original packaging, not used, the product quality assurance." Berlusconi has always been big spenders, he gave Blair a family 9 Locman watches, three years ago when Tony Blair decided to leave home to spend money to buy the watch. It is believed that Cherie Blair to sell the watch is the result of the Berlusconi presented.

true religion outletIn recent months, Cherie is not just to sell the watch, the more bizarre of these businesses in a week, she sold for £ 10 Blair signature. Cherie Blair's spokesman said she did not want to take the signature of President to make money, just to correct markets to guide the signature of Tony Blair, because some people at a higher price of 35 pounds to his signature, she was very upset. Cherie Blair said that this was a sold sign, put 10 pounds back to the buyer of the.

true religion outletAlthough Tony Blair in an advisory capacity in recent years earned a windfall profit, Cherie in the layout of the seven properties now have the time, still very keen to search for value for money products. Online shopping account of her show, she snapped up some cheap crockery, cutlery and kitchen supplies. Cherie with eBay for at least six years, is a loyal customer, often to buy some toys for the children in the above.


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