British photographer records the "tunnel people" hide under the dark halo Las Vegas

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British photographer records the "tunnel people" hide under the dark halo Las Vegas

Post  cylili on Sun Nov 07, 2010 6:16 pm

louis vuitton outletThe famous Las Vegas in the United States under the lights flashing, deep as the spider web version of a complex underground maze of the city's drainage tunnel, also known as "tunnel people" survival of places. Reported that 200 miles of underground tunnels flood critical infrastructure is not just the city, but also to the hungry poor who provided a refuge place.

louis vuitton outletStephen and his girlfriend Catherine has lived here for 5 years, they will be 400 square meters of cabin layout of the order. There is a double bed, a wardrobe, and even bookshelves. Steven 3 years ago because of heroin out of work, forced to live underground. The couple dressed in old clothes were removed from every casino, the search may get a pleasant surprise.

true religion outletAround the tunnel again, and Junior, his wife is Amy's home, to ride in the back here "honeymoon" before, they are the famous Shalimar Las Vegas held a church wedding. They lost because the original home of drugs and beloved son.

true religion outletShooting the bottom of people's lives is a British photographer living in the United States Hargrave, he published his new book, "Under the neon lights," to the world described the city in bright colors and almost desperate poverty under the people who struggling for a living scene, raise awareness of social reality more attention.


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