Owner of a gun broke into a BMW vehicle requirements French headquarters hostage

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Owner of a gun broke into a BMW vehicle requirements French headquarters hostage

Post  cylili on Wed Nov 10, 2010 6:21 pm

louis vuitton outletBMW headquarters in Germany, France, 8, heard gunshots. A gunman broke into the building, hostage taking and twice opened fire, but fortunately no casualties. About two hours later, the man surrendered to police. At 13:00 on the 8th around (Beijing time 20:00), a man walked into the French capital Paris is located in southwestern Monty Nile cloth Le Tuone BMW France, Germany, headquarters. The man in the lobby shot twice in the air, and then kidnapped a female receptionist hostage.

true religion outletThe man, the number of 1 people hostage, that is the name of the receptionist. Associated Press story, at least 3 people were held hostage. Police said the man tried to set fire to the office building, but did not cause greater damage. Patrick Lucas, BMW spokesman said the incident happened a total of about 80 employees in the office building. "That was in the downstairs to make trouble, they immediately evacuated."

louis vuitton outletHostage-taking incident, a BMW employee secretly send SMS alarm.Monty Nile cloth Le Tuona Police immediately rushed to the scene. A police officer told The Associated Press, about two hours later, the man surrendered to police. This incident did not cause casualties. Some local media reports, a group involved in responding to terrorism, rescued three hostages. Surrender the perpetrators to the police, the fourth hostage escape. That were experienced receptionist hostage will receive psychological counseling.

louis vuitton bags saleLocal media initially reported the incident men BMW employees. The local prosecutor Luc - Andeliele Normand subsequently to the AFP reporter Cheng Qing, the man is a consumer bought the BMW. "This name of the customer complained that his car a mechanical failure, and BMW can not repair them." Le Nuoer Mountain, said the accident, 50-year-old man, previously many times for BMW, "troublemakers." In 2003, the man tried to sell his BMW to the store front that self-immolation; in 2006, he allegedly broke into the BMW car dealers hire someone to kill the family.


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