United Kingdom 20 years old 70 years old woman married a foreign guy that cheated

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United Kingdom 20 years old 70 years old woman married a foreign guy that cheated

Post  cylili on Thu Nov 11, 2010 7:43 pm

coach outlet2006, Mansfield, Nottinghamshire United Kingdom 70 years old woman Multi-radish alizarin red Symons to Tunisia on vacation, actually, and a 20-year-old Tunisian boy fell in love Rafah, Rafah, the granddaughter of the age Biduoluoxi also a year younger, but he was 50 years between them regardless of the age gap, boldly enough to be his grandmother Dorothy to marry him.

coach outletThe same as the young girl into a love of Dorothy despite opposition from the British families, not long and in Tunis in Rafah were married.

louis vuitton outletDorothy thought he encountered the same movie, romantic love can make her dream did not think that Rafa apparently married her for her life in the UK property and immigration, as immigration applications have been repeatedly Rafah British Immigrants Board refused, and he can not get more money from him after Dorothy, a year ago, the Rafah last application and Dorothy divorced. When Dorothy may have been too late when you wake up, her two 50-year-old and 49 year-old son because she had insisted on the Rafah married, has been severed and her mother-child relationship.

louis vuitton outletHowever, despite the Rafah has filed for divorce, but Dorothy did not go to Tunisia and his divorce proceedings because she did not want Rafah other British woman to become the next "game." Dorothy said: "I still, and he kept his marriage, at least so that he can not deceive others, like me, gullible woman. Because he is not entitled to get my property in the UK, so I do not divorce him, I never will not lose anything. "


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