Not see dead bodies of 19 years died

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Not see dead bodies of 19 years died

Post  cylili on Wed Jul 14, 2010 12:47 am

according to coach outlet reported that :Locals in the Russian Siberian region found a similar Cheney Lake "Nessie" creature, but the fishermen and swimmers who repeatedly attack. It is claimed that the fishermen on board will first drag the lake, and then swallow. Related personnel from the local people strongly demand the investigation.

cheap coach bags)Those who claim to have seen "monsters" of the fishermen said it with the "Nessie" photographs of special similarity, there are long neck. Some say it looks like a snake, it was also a considerable long fins and huge tails.

Official data released said that over the past 3 years, 19 died in Cheney Lake. At first they considered to be drowned, but had not found the bodies of the deceased, with the acts of people suffering from attacks, people think, Cheney Lake there are a "kill monsters". Last week, a 59-year-old fisherman died again in the "monsters" mouth, which has finally ignited the anger of local residents, who strongly urged the relevant departments were sent to investigate to see what is the biological bottom.

ed hardy clothing)reported that, with Scotland's Loch Ness bottomless different, Cheney Lake, only about 23 feet (about 7 meters) deep, the water has a huge carp. The lake freezes in winter, summer, swimming enthusiasts will be turned into an ideal "natural swimming pool." But the "monsters" The existence of local residents did not dare to close.
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