The astronauts did not find UFO and Alien

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The astronauts did not find UFO and Alien

Post  cylili on Wed Jul 14, 2010 9:30 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :Russia's International Space Station commander Alexander Skvortsov not in flight

Found UFO and alien, but do not rule out future may experience.

cheap coach bags)Questions to the astronauts in the "International Space Station-mail" sent to within the framework of the activities of the space station

. Russian Space Agency Information Services Department and the All-Russian Exhibition Centre, the museum crew to assist in organizing the event.

He said: "I and my colleagues and no one can see the UFO and aliens, those before us

Worked in the international space station who has not seen 'wise brother'. No, may be

Sometime in the future to see ......", Skvortsov said something very philosophical words.

The first opening of the International Space Station astronauts (ed hardy clothing) Rayev personal blog of semi-annual in-flight

Neither encounter between aliens, also found no UFO.
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