Jail fire

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Jail fire

Post  cylili on Fri Jul 09, 2010 1:58 am

according to coach outlet reported that:
Uruguay Minister of Internal Affairs Edward many · Bonuo rice on 8th said in here that in the early morning a Uruguayan jail was on fire, 12 the criminal who imprisoned is gotten killed, 8 people burn. The Bonuo rice said to thecoach bags media that must through the jail emergency law, solve various jails to be fully occupied as soon as possible the question. At present, the criminal who burns was escorted to the locality as well as Mar accepts multi-provinces and the capital Montevideo's hospital treatment. It is known that has fire's jail in Luo Chasheng, located at capital Montevideo east of 240 kilometers place, being on fire reason for electric wire short circuit. In the jail is imprisoning 121 criminals, legal imprisons the criminal quantity it to be more than a time. coach handbags

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