The cruel-hearted mother strangles to death the sick children

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The cruel-hearted mother strangles to death the sick children

Post  cylili on Fri Jul 23, 2010 9:05 pm

according to coach outlet reported that :"I killed them, I killed them both," said Akat the phone. Subsequently,

She explained that the two children lying on the bed motionless. "They do not breathe, their heart does not beat the."

cheap coach bags)Texas woman allegedly strangled his two biological children, after she surrendered to police and admitted

, This is because the two children with autism, but she wanted "a normal child."

Dallas, Texas from this region heartless mothers, aged 30, now faces two major murder charges

Are suspected of strangling his 5-year-old son, Zain and 2-year-old daughter Faliaer, the two children had been successively

19 evening and 20 died that evening.

ed hardy clothing)Police said the woman after the perpetrator had 911 phone calls, and 21, announced she and operator of

Dialogue recording. In the recording, the woman claimed 名叫赛卡阿卡特, and has repeatedly stressed that he killed

Two children, described her first attempt to give them to drink poison, and then strangled them with a wire. During this period,

Akat a time to hang up, dial the operator and quickly in the past.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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