So terror - long pig steamed stuffed bun

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So terror - long pig steamed stuffed bun

Post  cylili on Mon Aug 02, 2010 7:45 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :The first took place in Beijing. In the early 80s, Xidan happened with people who are hit

Roubao Zi event. Xidan a Baozi Pu, the boss one day and one person had an argument, a moment of anger

coach outlet)Killed him, and no place to possession of the body, on a cruel meat hacked the body, including into the bun of external sales, the results eaten

People say delicious, and his business is also booming. The results also big up the boss's courage, said to have killed several later

Individuals, but also to a foreign couple. Once a man (said to be a director of the hospital) to him this food package

Neutrons that meat did not taste right, he took some buns reported security, and economic analysis is human flesh, police immediately went to Bao Zipu

Arrests, the last surprise in the fridge also found a human leg left!

The second occurred in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, 80 years, there has been a result of foreign workers, surnamed Wang, the girl died in a car accident, her

Parents have children after the letter arrived from his home to her funeral arrangements, cremation in temporary no intention of touching her mother before her body

Feels wrong --- if is empty, opened a cloth single look, surprise, found a leg, then

ed hardy clothing)Report to public security authorities, the police found the suspect fire the largest chemical Lee. . . . . . Finally cracked the case, the original

Lee's brother opened a home in the local Bao Zipu, but because of a planned economy, the supply of pork ticket, his brother

Bao Zipu lack of raw materials, and asked Lee often used his position to steal the body to take home baking, consecutive stolen 7 years

! They made of meat buns employing spicy taste is famous in Chifeng, a local brand, "No. I"! Case

Cracked, the Chifeng City, men and women who vomit a heap!

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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