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according to cheap coach bags reported that :For some people, do not love sports, "I am allergic to exercise" may be an excuse,

The listener just treat it as a joke. But British women exposed Si Huoer Lloyd, "athlete allergy" is not

Joke, the reality also makes people not laughing.

coach outlet)Holroyd, aged 37, who lives in Aylesbury, is a marketing manager. With rare operation

Activity-induced allergies, even if just climbing stairs or walking a little faster to go faster, have the potential to kill her.

History: Holroyd child suffered from asthma and allergies, but more than 30 years ago she had been to the gym body

Body, there is no movement allergic diseases. Until three years ago, Holroyd went for a walk, feeling a little breath <to

Next to the two people looked at me with strange eyes, I think some of them rude. "

With past experience, Holroyd know that it is allergic to hurry home. She found a mirror

Their red complexion, his face a lot of packages from. Holroyd call an ambulance, but this time her tongue had been

After swelling to unable to speak. Fortunately, the operator traced the call, send an ambulance.

After first aid was diagnosed, Holroyd suffering from the exercise-induced anaphylaxis.

Adventure: "Allergy UK" charity staff Lin fills the Mike horse Nath said: "The exercise-induced excessive

Allergy is very rare, when the onset of time if you do not know how to deal with, potentially lethal. The medical profession has not yet

To fully grasp the causes of exercise-induced anaphylaxis. Doctors believe that hinders the body against heart rate allergy symptoms

The normal operation of the mechanisms. "

Medical analysis, but because of Holroyd some nuts or dairy products for consumption after the exercise, heart rate cited

Made a serious allergy, which had caused her suffering from this disease. The food, she usually does not cause allergies.

ed hardy clothing)After that incidence, three years, Holroyd has experienced two walks disease. "Very difficult

Point is, I can not completely avoid food allergies make me, "she said," If eating out, or to friends

Friends of the family dinner, (allergy) opportunities will increase. "

"I must be careful to select food to eat, but because it can not confirm what their own food in the end, I had to

Within hours of eating are not Campaign. Anything that makes my heart speed up the movement can make me crash, "she said

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