Solar flare eruption

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Solar flare eruption

Post  cylili on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:28 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :According to the U.S. Space Weather Forecast Center predicted the storm at around 5 to 6 sweep

Over the Earth. "Maybe the storm will cause a small, but small, will not affect the Earth's electrical equipment."

coach outlet) Last weekend States astronomers witnessed a violent solar flares, sunspots flare under

Enough with the size of Earth, the sun broke out later led to a greater range of surface solar storms, up 100 million km

Outside the Earth's large number of charged particles ejected to form a strong solar wind.

August 1, in the northeast of the Sun's surface (35 degrees North 20 degrees East) is indeed observed a CME

Phenomenon. When the projectile speed is 460 km / sec. Experience in this direction the coronal mass ejections do not occur

Too will touch the earth is only passing the Earth. And ejections from the initial size of view, this is only a small

The projectile is not expected within the Earth's magnetosphere caused by large magnetic storms. Therefore not lead to a wide range of electronic earth

Interruption of power and communication systems.

Previously, some scientists are expected to enter activities in 2012, after the peak of the sun, the solar wind can not be expected to scale

Storms will hit the earth, the sun's surface will give an unprecedented outbreak of severe flares can not predict the Earth's magnetic storms bring disaster

. This makes people say the increasing solar activity, attention.

ed hardy clothing) Songqi Wu said that the observations from the current perspective, this year the sun does "sleeping" sign of sunspot activity

Relatively dry. But this does not indicate there is a "super solar storm." While sunspot activity is a

A slow process of rising, would be gradually increased. On the other hand to the human current level of awareness of the Sun and the solar system

Run, do not have the time to predict its occurrence and intensity of the capacity, so any predictions are unfounded

Is unscientific.

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