Works in shifts easily to induce cancer

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Works in shifts easily to induce cancer

Post  cylili on Wed Aug 04, 2010 9:29 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :U.S. scientists suggest shifts of 19 kinds of chemical substances and is the main cause of cancer, which

coach outlet)These have been the United Nations IARC as carcinogens. With the quickening pace of life in modern society,

Work has been more and more need for day and night Lian Zhouzhuan, then, brought about by the shift to frequent health

How to avoid damaging it?

"2007, IARC issued a statement that the shift may induce cancer. This is because

As, shift will make the human body clock is disrupted, leading to endocrine system disorders likely to cause cancer. "North

Sleep Center of Beijing University People's Hospital, Professor Han Fang pointed out that, in addition, long-term shift will result in the other body

That could lead to sleep disorders, can produce or aggravate gastrointestinal disease or cardiovascular disease occurs. Other

Also easily lead to mental and psychological problems, such people are likely to restlessness, irritability, difficulty in interpersonal relations


Night had a lot of value people who have feelings: the value of finished a night shift, even sleep the whole day, sometimes

Still find it hard to fully recover from. Led to the emergence of such a situation, mainly due to strong light during the day, the outside world

Relatively noisy, easily affect the sleep that is deep sleep, thus making it difficult to feel up back in the day.

Experts advise that if during the day because shifts can not sleep, to timely medical treatment, if necessary, take short acting

Sleep-promoting drugs. However, people who work night shifts do not need to worry too much about the harm of shifts, so long as to maintain body

Mental health, improve self-care awareness, scientifically arranged after the night life is to avoid health, and the


ed hardy clothing) Experts suggest that people who frequently work night shifts, the first night will be to eliminate the impact of health fears.

Human brain activity, with excitation and inhibition of two processes, when people work, work and study, when excited

Is dominant, and sleep suppression is dominant. Day and night rates for human habit is gradually shaped in the long life

Into, and night to make this law reversed, starting some are not used to, over time will gradually form new

Law, generally will not affect health.
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