The cat is the thief steals the women underwear specially

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The cat is the thief steals the women underwear specially

Post  cylili on Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:37 am

according to coach outlet reported that:

Recently, the British coach bagspolice received an old person's reporting, said that own cat is a thief, has stolen the neighbor massively women in Trousers and underwear.   The family was occupied by British Nan'an Mr. Pudu Wiese Munder in last year Christmas day when has adopted one 12 years old in some philanthropic institution Cat Oscar. But after just arrived at the new home soon, Oscar unceasingly hauls back its stolen goods toward the family. Only recent several weeks , it has stolen 70 goods.   Mr. Wiese Munder said that initial Oscar is only brings back to some gardening glove toward the family, but it then starts in a while Steals the women underpants and child's underwear.   In family's stolen goods more pile are higher, Mr. Wiese Munder worried that the neighbor will think the plot has come the abnormal thief, therefore then The initiative warning, states oneself pet to the police “the counter-social behaviour”.   Wiese Munder said: “I did not know that which it was from finds these things, because neighbor has not been occupied by the child . It should run up to the very far place.”“it possibly is regards these things the gift to give we, expresses it Sense of gratitude.” coach handbags

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