World smallest monkey only length 20 centimeters

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World smallest monkey only length 20 centimeters

Post  cylili on Fri Aug 06, 2010 9:28 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Ipoh, Malaysia, a pet store, recently introduced a pair of monkey known as the world's most

coach outlet)The little marmoset; mild character of this species of monkey, petite body type, personality and restless and alert, body length is the longest

20 cm.

Tamarin from South America, Amazon River Forest, western Brazil, southern Colombia, Ecuador East

And the Department of the eastern rain forests of Peru, the scientific name "Hapale jacchus" or "Callithrix jacchus", fame "

Marmoset ", is the world's smallest primate, the shortest only 12 cm in length, male weight around

140 g, female body weight is only 120 grams.

Only in Johor and Malaysia Taiping Zoo to see their little marmoset, and this pet can be said

The first family has kept a small pet marmoset monkeys. Leader Huang Xingxiang out that this species of monkeys are insured

Protection of animals, so pet owners must apply for a breeding license to legally keep, plus the cost of expensive, high risk

Owners also need to spend a long time to get used to feeding and care, the pet will not introduce this species of monkey

For sale.

It introduced the current store small tamarin, price is about NT 130 thousand yuan (about 28,000 yuan).

Huang Xingxiang said that he was two years ago, bought from abroad which male and female small marmoset monkey, baby monkeys were also part of them,

Ears are black, white becomes an adult. Huangxing Xiang also said that tropical forest monkey species

Animals, so do not worry they can not adapt to the climate here, or difficult feeding problems.

ed hardy clothing)Huang Xingxiang further pointed out that they are very fond of clean, so their own homes Dounong very clean them

Brings out the sun, it will clean up their own body. In addition, many people think is the favorite food of monkeys

Bananas, but the small marmoset is a very easy to breed omnivorous animals, the tongue is very long, it is necessary to catch

Eat insects, so they are a favorite fruit but not the insects, especially wheat insects is their favorite, newborn

The pups are very popular in that they like.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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