The British girls feign death direct the murder to be panic

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The British girls feign death direct the murder to be panic

Post  cylili on Fri Aug 13, 2010 8:46 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that : Has been controversial "Google Street View" has once again raised concern about users. According to the United Kingdom

coach outlet)Media 13 reported on a "Google Street View" from the United Kingdom Worcester photo of a community road, a

Girl lying flat on the roadside. The communities are concerned that they live in a murder scene, and then to Google Inc.

Asked related matters. Who knows, this "is murder" after a British girl to come forward The Arab League ancestor rabbi compares the fine jade

Said he was just playing, "pretended to be dead game."

"Google Street View" pictures show 10-year-old Beebeejaun lying flat on the ground, the head washed down, drag

Shoes left behind by the side. Look like the face of misfortune.

Reported that, in fact, was Beebeejaun is the door to play with friends, "played dead" hoax, did not expect to be "

Google Street View "is the camera taking photos, and caused uproar in the district of.

Google spokesman said the company would not comment on individual images released. If someone on their own in

Satisfied with the screen, the screen can be removed by a number of ways.

ed hardy clothing) reported that "Google Street View" is Google Maps launched in some European countries, the 3D view, all the screen for the Valley

Song dolly real locations, city streets to display the selected 360-degree panoramic image. However, since the service launched

Since the car frequently photographed some of indecent filming and privacy according to Zhao. The service has always existed outside of the debate and questions

, During which she also alleged violation of privacy lawsuit.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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