The Indian rich and powerful people are not lenient

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The Indian rich and powerful people are not lenient

Post  cylili on Wed Aug 18, 2010 9:09 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Indian companies have been ordered worth one billion U.S. dollars in 157 new aircraft in the next few years, one after another exchange machine

. India will be ranked in the global corporate jet market will jump from the current 18 No. 4.

coach outlet)More and more Indian billionaires are lining up their new private jet. "Ec onomic Times" (The

Economic Times) Web site reported, according to the latest information on the Department of Civil Aviation of India, India has already set the total at least the rich

Value of about one billion U.S. dollars 157 new private jets, these aircraft are expected to gradually arrive in India next few years.

India is currently registered a total of 111 small aircraft in the global corporate jet (corporate jet) market

No. 18. The report quoted industry estimates that the aircraft such as the service gradually, India ranks No. 4 ranking.

In addition Ambani (Ambani) brothers, Tata family (Tatas), Ruija family (Ruias) love Sa Group

(Essar Group), TVS motorcycle companies, property developers and Singh (KP Singh) of the DLF Group, Sabar

(Gautam Thapar) of Affan Tower Group (AvanthaGroup) and other traditional big business, the result of restoration of business confidence

And strong corporate profits, there are many new companies over the past few years to join the ranks of purchase.

Report further said that these companies only purchase new aircraft, do not buy second-hand. South Asia Centre for Asia Pacific Aviation

(South Asia Centre forAsia Pacific Aviation) president Kaul (Kapil Kaul) of respondents said

: "India will have the youngest fleet of company jets, and become the biggest buyer of new aircraft market."

ed hardy clothing)Including DLF, love Saddam, Reliance Industries (RIL), Anil. Diru worship. Ambani Group (Anil

Dhirubhai Ambani Group), Affan Tower Group and other businesses, are ordered with a number of individual suites, and can carry

24 to 36 people off the most high-end luxury models, price per aircraft over 20 billion rupees.

The report also said, infrastructure company GMR Group, despite its own fleet, still due to President Rao

(GM Rao) son and son's business travel needs, adding new machines to prepare.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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