How does astronaut presbyopia manage?

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How does astronaut presbyopia manage?

Post  cylili on Sun Aug 22, 2010 9:44 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :NASA astronauts in the past have been recruited from the Air Force pilot in

These people not only extraordinary courage, but also has almost perfect vision. However, in response to current and future space

coach outlet)Developments in the field, NASA requirements for astronauts than in the past, great changes have taken place - the present buildings

Astronauts to space to complete the task more complex, requiring pilots from various areas of non-experts

Join. In view of this, NASA had relaxed its restrictions on the astronauts vision.

To this end, NASA has especially based on existing technology, launched the space version of zoom glasses, Aerospace

May be based on work carried out by hand to free choice of zoom range, all mention of myopia presbyopia.

This is called "TruFocals" the spectacle lens formed by the four, two for each group. Outermost

A group of lenses for the wearer of the real degrees, and in the side of a lens separated by a layer of silicon by a transparent liquid

Composed of a ductile film. Use, astronauts can move to adjust the current focus -

Optical beam on the slide by pushing the joystick to control the liquid film to change its shape.

The developer of introduction, wearing such glasses, the astronauts can close reading under dim light to a small

The task of printing the list of words, then looked up the ceiling of the station to read a variety of monitoring data, this process

In the back and forth as they used to change without glasses.

Of course, "TruFocals" before the formal delivery of the astronauts to use, they also need a series of test

ed hardy clothing)Test, such as NASA will be lit to see whether they release toxic gases. But because of budget considerations,

NASA estimates will not burn too many deputy. According to NASA disclosed that has thick, round glasses frame a new generation of

If you enter the market, then its price should be around 900 U.S. dollars (about 6111 yuan).

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