Mengnalisha smiles behind

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Mengnalisha smiles behind

Post  cylili on Mon Aug 23, 2010 9:23 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Leonardo da Vinci painting handed down, "Mona Lisa" smile seems to be absent to produce results,

Has been a mystery. Recently, X-ray analysis by scientists, for the first time to crack this mystery, the original Da Vinci resorted to signs

coach outlet)Stunt "halo-coating" (Sfumato), the whole picture combines the thin layer of paint 40, and Leonardo da Vinci may first

Oil coated finger, add a touch of the painting.

Thickness of hair 1 / 50: Scientists, through high-energy X-ray, a detailed analysis of the Mona Lisa's face at different levels

Arrangement of color and composition. Scientists have discovered 40 paintings sharing a very thin layer of paint, each layer thickness of only 2 micro-

M (hair thickness of 1 / 50). Paint pigment from the slightly different composition, creating a vague and Mona Lisa mouth

Shadow effect, it is vaguely felt her smile, but a closer look when the smile disappears without a trace.

ed hardy clothing)Because no brush marks on the paintings, the scientists estimated that Leonardo was to paint applied to finger painting. Band

Walter led the team that thin paint is the key paintings fascinating. Can use such a thin

Oil, that Leonardo da Vinci skill very deep. Also, because each floor paint should be dried for several months, it is estimated that

Kinds of special effects may take several years to complete.

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