Italian Mafia: Television program transmission cipher

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Italian Mafia: Television program transmission cipher

Post  cylili on Tue Aug 24, 2010 9:38 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Italian law enforcement authorities discovered that the local mafia using a television football festival

Project, to be detained in a prison gang leader or signal sent text messages with special meaning. Some gang head

coach outlet)While in prison child, but they still have influence, using a variety of ways outside of the hand remote control

Under the act, I believe this is one way.

Mafia used by football television program called "Queli che il Calcio" (meaning "that is,

Football ", by the beauty Simeng Na? Ventura hosted every Sunday broadcast, prisoners are allowed to view

The program.

This program is unique in that interaction and communication with the audience. Viewers can send text messages using mobile phones

Information to the TV, talk about their feelings and express their views, television stations will be arranged in the bottom of the screen to "take the word

"The way the message displayed to the audience.

Responsible for the prosecution against Black officials said they found a gang of molecular interactions using the program

Dynamic function, to convey their message to the leaders in prison.

Those messages are very strange, I believe contains some hidden meaning, which a suspicious message

Is: "all the best, Paul!"

Italy, former Senior Crown Counsel in the national anti-triad triad Committee Macri attended a congressional hearing, said

, In the current penal system, the imprisoned gang leader in prison there are no other ways with the outside world

Communication. Prison officers are accidentally found out who the prisoners and the use and television, exchange secret messages.

ed hardy clothing)That a producer did not know the program used by gangs. Si Mengna hostess, when she knew, the sense of

To a very shocked. TV decision, starting from the September 12 broadcast a series of new programs, the cancellation of the interaction function

Can no longer receiving sms messages sent viewers.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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