The teacher lets the student disguise as the terrorist to kill people

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The teacher lets the student disguise as the terrorist to kill people

Post  cylili on Thu Aug 26, 2010 12:30 am

according to cheap coach bags reported that :Australia, a high school teacher to the students arranged an "unusual" operations

So that they plan to launch a terrorist attack, killing more innocent people as possible. Ministry officials denied that the

The teacher has not respected the intention of terrorist activities.

coach outlet) was reported last week in Western Australia (hereinafter referred to as Western Australia) in Kalgoorlie high school professor "when

Generation of conflict and terrorism, "the teacher of this class of 10 students (the equivalent of the Chinese middle school students) arranged a

Road work: planning a terrorist attack aimed at the largest possible number of innocent people killed. With this information

Jibei Western Australia out of media coverage, in newspapers, radio and online forums to spread by the very

Major concern, triggering fierce debate.

It is reported that operating layout, wrote: "Your aim is to kill the largest number of innocent civilians in order to facilitate transfer

Up your information. "

Some Australian survivors of the terrorist attacks on the operating arrangement for severe criticism. 1 in

2002 Bali bombings in Indonesia, an Australian who survived the explosion wounds over half of the body. He pointed out that

ed hardy clothing)Have experienced these terrorist attacks will find teachers who work in this layout is a very wrong decision

Very aggressive. Moreover, the national education system in Australia in this situation, it is difficult to


Kalgoorlie high school teachers, principals quickly stand up and deny the existence of a tendency to incite terrorism, president says

, He was informed that the contents of working arrangement, which ordered a halt immediately.

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