The cloth Lu Nepal sexual desire lets Sa Keqi be able bear prosperously

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The cloth Lu Nepal sexual desire lets Sa Keqi be able bear prosperously

Post  cylili on Thu Aug 26, 2010 10:29 pm

according to cheap coach bags reported that :A recent French presidential palace housekeeper left broke the news to the media, said at France's "first

His wife, "Bruni is a very strong woman sex, often asked Sarkozy to meet her sexual desire, and

coach outlet)Also several times a night. For their own Xie Yu, Bruni had also tied to the French President in bed, "force

Force, "he and his four consecutive days and" sex ", not allowing him to deal with national issues.

As early as May this year, "U.S. Weekly" editor to write a book broke the news frequently because of Sarkozy and Brunet

Nepal sex, and delay the official itinerary, and many wait for many foreign executives, which included British Queen

Lisa Baier Shi, and thus lead to offend a lot of two heads of state and dignitaries. Today, more out of their housekeeper

Broke the news, saying that two of the sex can not stop the demand to the point, he said that Sarkozy, 55, may be as

Has to meet the young wife (42 years) relationship, always refuse the entry of the Bruni Sarkozy would also like to use this control

, So that she can not think Sarkozy apart from other women.

ed hardy clothing)But they forgot Bruni Sarkozy is also national leaders, the result is a carnival every night without day 2

God, distraught, exhausted, unable to concentrate on national issues. For their country's president had sex

Degree, unable to deal with national affairs, the French media have expressed strong discontent.

( Editor:ed hardy sale)


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