Greece released 50,000 mink captivity

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Greece released 50,000 mink captivity

Post  cylili on Thu Sep 02, 2010 10:02 pm

Fur-rich land in northern Greece, Kastoria near a captive mink farms has been

Unknown to the invasion, 50,000 mink were released and the run, and similar events, it has also occurred

cheap coach bags news)At that time a group calling itself "revenge group Eagle" the animal rights organization admitted that the incident is that they should do. Although this

Some mink freed, but the Greek civil society worry about these long-standing captive mink, probably because not

The wild life, has a tropical climate, and can not survive.

Mink corpses have been seen some street, some are impatient they are hot, while others are sped off

Car killed.

Finland has occurred over the last release of mink killed by vehicles running around the event.

In the United Kingdom, an animal protection group in September 1998 without warning, only the artificial feeding of the release of eight more than 1000

Support of the mink, about 2 1 000 fled to a nearby farm predators. The local government called on people to pay attention to the portal

To prevent these "with wild" animal invasion.

coach outlet news)Mink industry is attempting to around the recaptured mink farm. Finally got out, they are crammed into cages in the mink, which was

Was anxiety. See companion side of the mink were arrested there, hovering refused to leave, people can not bear read quite.

Greek Fur Breeders Association estimates that the mink escaped, will probably result in the loss of more than 1 million Euro



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