Guard against psychological lead to physical illness

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Guard against psychological lead to physical illness

Post  cylili on Fri Sep 03, 2010 9:40 pm

You are concerned about their physical condition, often a new theory about the health of freshly baked, you will

cheap coach bags news)Is the first run and participate in reading research, and strongly hope that his body a little more healthy. But

, The more concerned the more you seem to find themselves a number of hidden defects, the pain is that every day is not here

In problems. In fact, the experts tell us that the causes of this illness is more mental illness in our


Is in the booming development of the Miss Zhang, often inexplicably headache, toothache, and even whole body muscle

Meat are uncomfortable pain. Her to the neurology, dentistry, orthopedics checked over and over to be normal for each check are. But

No medical knowledge, doctors explained that she had not even heard the home. At dinner that day, her appetite than usual

Reduced by half, but also feel a dull pain in upper abdomen. Later, she began to vomit frequently, but the doctor was unable to identify the original

Because, later was able to go to psychiatric cure.

coach outlet news)In fact, Wang is very healthy, but implied by the disease, perceived pain in it. To learn more suggestive

Pain, we must understand how the human body can suggest a large role.

Studies have shown that more introverted or feisty character who are vulnerable to the impact of psychological hint. Another

Addition, women are more susceptible than men psychologically as well. For these are people who suggest pain, to enter

Bank self-regulation is very difficult. Therefore, the best time for treatment, was prescribed medication for drug treatment.


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