Latest invention: Electronic Skin

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Latest invention: Electronic Skin

Post  cylili on Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:38 pm

gucci shoes news) Stanford University professor of ethnic Chinese women Baozhe Nan and her 30-person research team led by a recent invention,

The most flexible plastic electronic devices, such can actually simulate the human skin with unprecedented film material

High sensitivity, will be widely used in artificial limbs, robotics, mobile phones and computer touch screen, car safety

Full and medical applications.

Such as skin-like soft plastic electronic devices, not only look like human skin, and skin

Experience as similar to a high degree of pressure on small insects. If the material applied to the robot, light

Light pick up an egg does not crush becomes possible. If applied to medicine, can be made into detectors for

Accurately distinguish between cancer cells and soft hard healthy cells, thereby protecting the rapid removal of cancer surgery

Fast and accurate. If the steering wheel in the car when the driver go because of drowsiness or God, when holding the steering wheel loose

The sensor will be a timely reminder.

Gucci flat shoes news)
Currently, Bao Zhenan has completed chemical sensors, biological sensors, tactile and pressure sensors

Invention, her next target will be the temperature sensor and sensor combination of all completed

, So that the artificial electronic skin function better. "After the electronic sensors mounted on the robot, only

Shake hands with patients, we can accurately measure heart rate, blood pressure and key indicators. "


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