Spy lovers club built healing

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Spy lovers club built healing

Post  cylili on Tue Sep 14, 2010 9:39 pm

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28-year-old Russian spy Anna Chapman to angelic face and a devil figure to make the world surprise, she easily captured a man for his "skirt under the minister."

Because the spy identities exposed when Anna was sent back to Russia, her people in New York's antecedent similar gathering drinker, established a "fan club" heal, to share their experience and contacts Anna. They are said to each other and there is no "sense of envy." Because Anna had her lover are confident that each of: "She and the other men are in the fun, and I was the only serious."

Anna lives in New York during the revolving door has changed as a series of lovers! When Anna's antecedent people gathering at the Manhattan bar, a former lover could not help but wonder, blurted out all the men asked: "Who among us has slept with her?" Results the presence of several men raised their hands. According to these claims, Anna can not resist them with charm.

Anna's "skirt under the minister," the U.S. male model Dennis Hart special interview said that Anna is

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Natural-born "who lure men", and Anna for flirting with men and not as natural as breathing revealed traces

Trace. He Dete recalled: "When I first met her, she began to implement some of the temptation of my skills

Such as gentle hand touch, so you whisper. She may also be hand on your cheek, or

Who 'accidentally' touching your lips lobe, she called the use of their femininity for information

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