Two women upset South Korea

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Two women upset South Korea

Post  cylili on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:24 pm

gucci shoes news)In September, the "special trick door" to become a popular word in Korean society. The storm also triggered when any

South Korean Foreign Minister Yu Myung-hwan sadness and shame in ending a nearly 40-year diplomatic career.

Since the "special move" incident, South Korean Chief Security Minister of Foreign Affairs has decided on the last 10

Years, including senior officials, including children of all special hiring staff to conduct a comprehensive survey that involved more than 400

People. South Korea's opposition Liberal Party lawmaker Park declared the advanced mapping that the Foreign Ministry in 2007 for the hiring of a suspected

The former ambassador's son and exclusion talents.

At present, the Korean Youth unemployment rate as high as 8.5%. For the "special move" incident, South Korean Internet users have

Through the main portal site and blog and promote ways to express strong dissatisfaction with the Principal, South Korean Foreign Minister's website

Has been shutdown several times.
Gucci flat shoes news) "Central Daily News" reports, September 7, South Korean cable channel Mnet's "Tentin

the city "program broadcast a wealthy family background of the 24-year-old woman Jinjing E story. In the program

Introduced more than 20-year-old female brand culture, Jinjing E into play. She said in the program: "Now my whole body

Brand, clothing and jewelry worn together more than 400 million won (about 2.3 million yuan). "

After the broadcast angry netizens continued to spread, the issue was also raised to the Congress, the South Korean National Tax Service also

tiffany jewelryExpressed the intention to do tax investigations. But then, it has been reported that "400 million brand-name woman," said most are not

Facts, which led to an "programs speculation," the storm.


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