Sarkozy listening indicted

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Sarkozy listening indicted

Post  cylili on Wed Sep 15, 2010 9:25 pm

louis vuitton bags news) French mainstream media, "Le Monde" on the 13th that President Nicolas Sarkozy is suing the newspaper office

. The newspaper accused the government ordered intelligence officers illegally wiretapped journalists and informants of the call.

The newspaper quoted the Ministry of Justice in July of this year if the source reports, the police have started investigating the Labor Department

Long Ailikewei Stewart is involved in Betancourt cases of suspected tax evasion. The report on the "anger" the Elysee

Palace. Office of the President then ordered the secret police to trace who is leaked to a newspaper reporter, and this practice

Do not meet "any judicial proceedings."

According to the BBC saying, "Le Monde" by journalists and police sources informed that the Ministry of Justice official

Members of the call was regarding wiretapping, then decided to sue.

LV Monogram Multicolore news)Betancourt named by providing illegal campaign contributions to Sarkozy, the recent scandal, alleged tax evasion continued fermentation,

Velt and Sarkozy will "pull down the water." Media previously be exposed Betancourt during the 2007 presidential election to

Sarkozy has donated 150,000 euros, the cash was handed over by the verte Sarkozy. However, Sarkozy and Vail

Special strongly denied the claim.

Betancourt involved a series of scandals has seriously affected the credibility of verte, also support for Sarkozy

A new low.


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