Missing mass suicide

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Missing mass suicide

Post  cylili on Sun Sep 19, 2010 9:32 pm

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Los Angeles County, Palm Valley, a remote northern city today came at least 13 suspected "evil cult" members

Collective disappearance, family members fear that they took to the collective suicide of no return.

Los Angeles County Police officials said the missing were Salvadoran immigrants, at least five adults and

8 children, including six boys and two girls, the youngest only 3 years old missing persons, when they

Days, disappeared after attending the prayer meeting.

The two missing woman's husband reported to the police that afternoon, their wives are suspected of "evil cult"

Brainwashing organization, before he left a wallet, cell phone, jewelry and identification cards and other items, they are in the letter

That "to go to heaven, rebirth, and old friends meet again" and so on, so they were worried about his wife

Spell may take collective suicide of no return. However, the police said there was no evidence that these missing

Track staff will harm themselves, missing persons and no criminal record.

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Police said the missing part of a secret religious sect, their leader is a 32-year-old Ray

Naqikasi, she and a dozen of his followers also missing. Los Angeles County Police, California Highway Police Department and its

He is the Antelope Valley law enforcement agencies to search the surrounding region, as of 18 midnight to no avail.


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