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Crazy cheat

Post  cylili on Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:45 pm

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British 37-year-old County Durham man Andeluge bin Laden is wanted by Interpol, the world's airports

Liar in the past 8 years, Gladden frequent shuttle 38 countries in the world's international airport, the "money

Tickets to go home, trapped foreign airport "as an excuse to strange visitors" borrow "buy air tickets, and many travelers are believed

That really, generously lent Gladden € 30 to € 50 range, Gladden will take the initiative to their own mailbox

And telephone number with others, and promised a home will pay back the money by bank transfer.
Gucci flat shoes news) But in fact, Gladden left to other people's email addresses and phone numbers are all false, he passed the

More than the country's international airport "roving fraud", "monthly income" went so far at least as high as 15,000 pounds, 8 years

A total of about 150 fraud to £ "unjust enrichment." Interpol after receiving the report, although

Survey a few years, but never catch the cunning Gladden, even his true colors are not clear.

Until recently, a Swedish passenger cheated to actually accidentally taken by camera phone Gladden passport

Picture This makes the name of the airport for the first time exposed the true face of a liar light.

This is called Fussell passengers were deceived, he recalled: "He said he missed the flight, need 34 euros weight

Under the new booking a trip to catch flights home. He showed me his passport, and I lent him 40 euros, and

Easily take advantage of his passport with a cell phone camera when his passport photo. "

Return to Sweden until the Fussell family, and through Internet search Gladden's name, he found out

Road themselves cheated. However, for the first time Interpol has Gladden real photos

tiffany jewelryPolice believe that the Gladden arrests had entered a "countdown" stage.


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