Homicide bombing apartment looking for blood

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Homicide bombing apartment looking for blood

Post  cylili on Wed Sep 22, 2010 9:47 pm

louis vuitton bags news)Lorrach town in southwest Germany on the 19th spate of apartment bombings and shootings, including the gunman, including women

4 people were killed. Police now have closed off the area, women motive is not clear.

Germany lorrach police spokesman told AFP Eugen Viszler, 19 GMT

Day about 16 o'clock, the fire department received a lorrach apartment caught fire and exploded in the report. "When the consumer

Anti-personnel rushed to the scene, heard the gunfire was heard inside an apartment, "Viszler said. Then, fire watch

A woman ran to the apartment with guns, and ran across the street not far from St. Elizabeth Hospital, Women and Children.

Women's experiences in the hospital police. By lorrach prosecutors say Dieter Imhoff, woman and police

Side "fierce exchange of fire."

Viszler said police had fired warning shots, women ignore the police eventually killed her. A man

Of nurses in the crossfire were killed and a policeman were injured knee, were seriously injured and another slightly injured a person

LV Monogram Multicolore news) firefighters found the apartment in the blast two bodies, the deceased was a middle-aged man and a

3 to 4-year-old girl. Both were found with gunshot wounds may be killed before the explosion.


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