British mother and daughter with the pregnancy

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British mother and daughter with the pregnancy

Post  cylili on Thu Sep 23, 2010 9:42 pm

gucci shoes news)Outstanding Kui Shelds and first husband gave birth to three children, but 10 years ago, when seen on television do not

Couples undergoing IVF pregnancy procedure several times but all failed to report, she made a surprising decision

Be: to act as a "surrogate mother"!

In 2001, Jackie was a pair of surrogate infertile married couples, doctors first implemented for that infertile couples

Gucci flat shoes news)The IVF procedure, and then implanted the fertilized eggs "surrogate mother" Jacqui's womb, Jacqui was when

Gave birth to a pair of lovely twins.

In the next few years, the Jackie twice to help infertile couples a pair of Scotland gave birth to two children

Then Jackie and help a couple of black surrogate mother gave birth to a black baby. Jackie recalled: "as on behalf of the

Pregnant mother's feeling really great. "

Enable Jacqui never dreamed that 3 years ago, 18-year-old daughter Becky actually said to her, and I think step

Mothers footsteps as a "surrogate mother", and Becky was not in love get married. Jacqui started strongly

Opposition, but to see her mind to go, she had to listen.

Last year, Becky well as a pair of infertile couples gave birth to a lovely baby girl. Becky, now 21 years old

, Told reporters: "I am very proud of. Mom always said to us that can help infertile couples realize that students

tiffany jewelryWoman dreams of their children, to let other families also feel happy is the best feeling in the world. "


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