Smallest country in Europe

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Smallest country in Europe

Post  cylili on Fri Sep 24, 2010 9:56 pm

louis vuitton bags news) Liguria in northwestern Italy near the French border, the mountain flowers China Libi, a "Europe

Small country "- declared independence in 1963," Independence, "the Sebo Jia Grand Duchy. Although this is only

362 residents of a small village, but it has its own constitution, currency, stamps or even military,

And by 2009 had 46 countries with "diplomatic." But the Italian government is merely "Sebo Jia Emirates"

As a joke.

1963, 27-year-old leader of the local growers Bonn Sigma Nocardia old priest in the village write access

Village history and found Sebo Jia Village originated in AD 954, during 1079 to 1729 was between God

Holy Roman Empire under one principality. However, when the Savoy family in 1861 after the unification of Italy, Cyprus

Wave and the Grand Duchy of Italy was not listed in the "Savoy dynasty" of the asset list. Therefore, card

Bonn has announced that it has never not been part of the modern Italian! In 1963, Capone officially declared

Busebojia independent Grand Duchy, and solemnly presented to the printing of the passports of tourists, announcing that it is

Style "nation-building." In 1995, the country also adopted the "Constitution."

LV Monogram Multicolore news)Funny is that the Grand Duchy of "Parliament" was actually a grocery store boss, and "outside

Minister of delivery "is a restaurant owner. The" Foreign Minister "of the said frankly, he has repeatedly on behalf of the

Table "state" held with the Italian government "negotiations."


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