ASEAN, the Philippines U.S. flag upside down

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ASEAN, the Philippines U.S. flag upside down

Post  cylili on Mon Sep 27, 2010 8:42 pm

louis vuitton bags news)U.S. President Barack Obama in New York and 24 Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Summit and photos published in some countries, government websites. Photo shows the leaders behind the rose hanging national flags in accordance with established practice.

gucci shoes news)Everything seemed nothing wrong. Suddenly, it was noted that Bernini Aoe Aquino III, President of the Philippines Philippine flag behind him in the red stripe, blue stripe in the next, are upside down. According to Philippine law, said the national flag upside down in a state of war. In some countries and regions, said the troubled flag upside down, or used to express protest. For example, a ship captured by enemy ships, the former by the latter are likely to hang upside down flag.

Gucci flat shoes news) U.S. embassy spokeswoman Rebecca Thompson, the Philippine Embassy 26, said the move is purely Philippine flag upside down errors. She says in a brief statement: "The United States cherish close ties with the Philippines and close cooperation. In the past week, President Corazon Aquino visited the United States and (U.S. foreign aid agencies) Millennium Challenge Group signed a contract (participants) U.S. ASEAN Summit and the two presidents met, have shown this relationship. "

tiffany jewelry)The full text of the United States Government of the Philippines Web site statement. Philippine Foreign Ministry spokesman Ed Malaya said the Philippine government believes that this incident but because of mistakes, hope it will not hinder the U.S. cooperation with ASEAN.


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