16-year-old British girl due to "anorexia" death mummy shape

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16-year-old British girl due to "anorexia" death mummy shape

Post  cylili on Tue Sep 28, 2010 9:15 pm

louis vuitton bags news))Heart of beauty in everyone, but the excessive pursuit of the perfect shape of the tragedy of the common lead. For the pursuit of skinny build, 15-year-old British girl in participating in a post-Christmas diet, they suffer from severe anorexia. More than a year later, her mummy has the shape of a heart attack and died.

gucci shoes news)British "Daily Mail" September 27 article reported that Anna Wood attended expensive private schools in the United Kingdom Wimbledon High School, photographs of her cheeks plump, youthful. In 2008, she and her mother joined a "diet after Christmas" campaign, hoping to lose the fat accumulation due to vacation, to build a more perfect. 6 weeks after, when the mother returned to normal diet, Anna remained on a diet.

Gucci flat shoes news) February 2009, Anna's teacher reaction to her mother, her erratic behavior in school: "She seemed to eat, but I turned around, she had hidden in the sleeve of food thrown away. She also induce vomiting." August, Anna only 173 cm tall and 41 kg, skin folds, irritability, body fat is almost impossible to maintain body temperature had to hospitalized. January 2009, she first collapsed in the street, and was found to have severe gastrointestinal perforation, and ulcer. Although accepted surgical treatment, but her wounds will not heal, major organs have begun to failure, and paralysis. March, 16-year-old died of her heart attack.

tiffany jewelry)"It all happened so quickly," Anna's mother said, "From anorexia to her death found her, we do not have time to learn how to help her." And Anna was the teacher of the school's students were all achieved A deeply regret: "We are very sad, she should not have damn."


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