New Discovery: Magnets make changes left-handed right handed

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New Discovery: Magnets make changes left-handed right handed

Post  cylili on Wed Sep 29, 2010 8:05 pm

louis vuitton bags news)We know that a person accustomed to using the left or right is inherent, it is difficult to change things. But U.S. scientists have found that only a small magnet, you can make the "right handed" suddenly become left-handed.

gucci shoes news) University of California, Berkeley, researchers announced a magnet placed near the brain can temporarily change the way people use the hand habit. The researchers explained that the human ear to do after a man named after the top few centimeters parietal cortex area, people often focus will subconsciously scratched there. Neurons in this region mainly to sensory stimulation, especially for objects near the hands or face visual stimuli, which affect people's actions.

Testing personnel were recruited more than left-handed, "right handed" and the two hands are used to test people. Test personnel will a strong magnets placed in the magnetic be tested by the brain near the posterior parietal cortex, the results show that when the magnet is located in the left cortex, the subjects tend to press a button or using the left hand side the cup, and put subjects did not change significantly when the right side, take away the magnet, the effect disappeared.

Gucci flat shoes news) The researchers presented a hypothetical scenario: A couple is walking in the woods, in a clear danger that the case of the road ahead, boys did not tell his girlfriend, but left her by herself. In an interview before the magnetic interference, all subjects have made the "boys of this behavior is unacceptable," the judge, but in the accepted interference magnet, some subjects changed the previous view that "the behavior of some boys extent, understandable. "

tiffany jewelry)The original behavior is not only the human body can easily change by a magnet, and even built complex on the basis of the acquired behaviors are not stand up to moral standards magnet, small magnet really feel the magic of surprise.


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