Swear to relieve pain, "Ig Nobel" fresh baked

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Swear to relieve pain, "Ig Nobel" fresh baked

Post  cylili on Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:22 pm

louis vuitton bags news) Nobel announced one after another from 4 day prior to the annual "Ig Nobel" usual prerelease gate opening, September 30 at Harvard University awards, winning for the still hilarious odd, including the use of remote control helicopter to collect whale nose, fruit bats recorded oral sex, swearing can be proved that when you kicked the toes to relieve pain and other research.

gucci shoes news) "Ig Nobel" is a funny imitation of the Nobel Prize, organizers for the science humor magazine, reviews Serious and harmony, both two kinds of humor and is intended to encourage scientific and technological research, and some of the judges is the real Nobel Prize winners. The aim is to select those "people laugh at first glance, after the thought-provoking" research. Awards ceremony in October of each year, that is, one to two weeks before the Nobel Prize take place at Harvard University's Sanders Theatre.

Gucci flat shoes news) Among the selection of this year, Britain has four winners. Two members of the British Zoological Society and the Mexican National Science and Technology Research Institute, a whale researcher invented a new method of respiratory disease, was awarded the Engineering Award: When the whale surfaced, to a remote control helicopter flew above it, hung with the attached helicopter belly dish on the nose to catch it.

tiffany jewelry)Keele University, Stephens and colleagues demonstrated that, swear to alleviate pain and so was "Ig Nobel" Peace Prize.


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