Leave system inventory countries: France 5 months a year break

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Leave system inventory countries: France 5 months a year break

Post  cylili on Mon Oct 04, 2010 7:58 pm

louis vuitton bags news)Seven western countries, held in Washington, finance ministers meeting, German Finance Minister Peer Steinbrück, the absence of an accident, that he had earlier promised his family to Namibia holiday, at the moment he fulfill his family's commitment to Africa to see wild animals go.

gucci shoes news) In China, the Xiamen International Airport Group Chairman Wang suave in the enterprise in the implementation of mandatory leave, he said that the purpose is twofold: First, to promote the standardization of business operation, who can turn left; the second is that everyone needs to be charged, regardless of knowledge or health, so leave a must!

France is the largest country in the world of holidays, weekends, paid holidays, statutory holidays, together with other holidays, the French about 150 days a year without work.

Gucci flat shoes news)Accordance with the French "Labor Law", as long as the company worked in a month, all employees are entitled to paid holidays, paid vacation days a year of the employee within the actual working hours, depending on the work of each month, can be " saved "2 half days of paid vacation, and if at least one year of work, then the number of annual paid vacation days, 30 non-holiday. In addition, the French are currently only 35-hour work week, more than 35 hours per week part, can be converted into a holiday.

tiffany jewelry)Reuters and the Ipsos Group, a study of a total of 1.25 million people in 24 countries, the joint survey, the French holiday "attendance rate" the highest, 89% would complete a holiday break, the proportion of 80% Argentine followed by Hungarians third, the ratio was 78%. Japanese the lowest. In France every summer in July and August, and even the government, parliament, the judiciary and so reduce the size of official activities, because most of the staff to go on vacation.


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