South Africa will be the death of smoking gorilla

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South Africa will be the death of smoking gorilla

Post  cylili on Thu Oct 07, 2010 7:44 pm

louis vuitton bags news)South African zoo, a gorilla because I like to smoke and famous, has died, age 52 years.

Only named "Charlie," the gorilla years ago, it threw a cigarette of tourists began to fall in love with smoke, followed by "Charlie" because of love to smoke, to become the most famous zoo animals, every year has attracted Thousands of visitors came to watch.

The coroner will conduct autopsy to determine the "Charlie" the cause of death. Over the years, although the zoo every effort to make "Charlie" to quit smoking, but also discourage tourists Nayan to "Charlie", but are not very successful.

Typically, the gorilla's life expectancy is 40 years old, zoo spokesman, said he is hard to imagine, "Charlie," a smoking habit, had been able to live for ten years.

tiffany jewelry)However, the "Charlie" is not the only animals infected human vices in February this year, media reports, a gorilla to keep the tourists to Russia, tobacco and alcohol, and was sent to rehab.


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