British drug gangs seized the smallest is only 9 years old

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British drug gangs seized the smallest is only 9 years old

Post  cylili on Sun Oct 10, 2010 8:12 pm

louis vuitton bags news,England Lancashire Burnley district police has seized a shocking "drug gangs." The "gang" members are all students, the youngest was only 9 years old, but these childish children off to high school students trying to shift the sale of tobacco and marijuana as a routine.

current Burnley Police have detained a local primary school and investigate the four, who were suspected of involvement in drug transactions. One called Billy (not his real name) said 9-year-old boy that he join the "gang" was triggered by several high-grade boy lives at risk personally do not want to buy marijuana, he gave the money handed over to Belgium for "transit", and then then give some errands fee. What is shocking is that children as young as 9 years old can speak for all drug traffickers near the contact information and transaction sites.

Reported that when Billy confessed in the survey, each volume in a mixture of cannabis, tobacco can be sold for high school students, where £ 1 (10.6 yuan.) In addition to marijuana, he has also familiar with cocaine, heroin and other drugs, the appearance and characteristics, but did not say whether these drugs have been involved in the transaction.

tiffany jewelry,The report also said the company recently announced the results of a survey show that in 7000 11 to 15 year-old British respondents, 22% of the people "had been taking drugs", and cannabis is the most common contact with a minor drugs. The Lancashire Young drug cartels seized an event, a minor anti-drug activities for the British sounded a serious alarm.


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