Children often watch TV is easy to produce mental illness

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Children often watch TV is easy to produce mental illness

Post  cylili on Mon Oct 11, 2010 7:51 pm

louis vuitton bags If you do not want the child watches too much TV, then hide the remote, would be a good way. USA 11, released a study shows that children often watch television, may have more mental illness. Journal of American Academy of Pediatrics study, a survey showed that watching TV or playing games are often children, more prone to mood swings, too active, abnormal behavior and other psychological diseases.

The researchers surveyed 1,103 10-year-old children to 11 years old, these children rarely do their homework, an average of five hours per day watching television or playing computer games. Investigators issued to each child a total score of 25 points in the questionnaire to test their mental state. The results showed that spending 2 hours per day or more watching TV or playing computer games children, scored higher, suggesting that they may have more mental illness.

tiffany jewelry In addition, the study said earlier, the appropriate amount of physical activity to increase children often will reduce the negative effects of watching television, but the 11 published studies challenge this view, research shows that more than 2 hours a day watching television children Although regular exercise, but still face increased risk of mental illness. "Many parents think that as long as a balanced lifestyle, children often watch TV it does not matter. It is clear that the parents of this view is wrong."

The investigators recommend that parents try to limit children watch TV or computer time, to ensure that children are at a "best."


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