Princess's marathon loses weight

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Princess's marathon loses weight

Post  cylili on Sun Jul 11, 2010 9:17 pm

according to coach outlet reported that:

Recently, the British Princess Beatrice openly show the one from

Have a slim figure, intended to prove to the public is no longer suffering from the evil that assessment before the Chubby version of the.

Her slimming secret? Marathon training. 21 year old Beatrice is said to lose 19 pounds.

Determined to lose weight by laughing

As heir to the British royal fifth overall, in 2008 Sheng Bate Island wearing a blue bikini full photo exposure

Light, drew poor reviews, so Beatrice was very upset, feeling the brunt. She then said, "Maybe I

Can make their own thinner, and therefore need our encouragement. "She is such a think, but to do so. After

coach bags paid great attention to science diet, suppression of food temptations, and carry out the overload of exercise, too tired to fine itself

Exhausted. Last year, she also participated in the London marathon, was the first person to the Crown.

"coach handbagsBitter" Princess Beatrice

Halo living in cousin

In addition to the British media figure often ridiculed, Beatrice is often used with the cousin, Princess Zara

More. Although, Beatrice is a granddaughter of Queen's parents, her limelight but often robbed the Princess Zara, Zara

Work more than once William, Harry brothers boarded the "Forbes" named "the world's hottest royal Young

Members List ", is often praised the British media as" independent "representatives of the royal family, are often called the most beloved Queen

(Of course, not William, Harry). And Beatrice, but always be granted only with the taxpayers money, will only

Clubbing fun, can be said to live in Beatrice, under the halo of Zara.

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