17 weeks a large fetus in the womb, "Smile"

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17 weeks a large fetus in the womb, "Smile"

Post  cylili on Tue Oct 12, 2010 8:02 pm

louis vuitton bagsThe innocent smile of the exposed children, it is hard not be moved, but you have seen your pregnant belly fetal smile? A group of medical workers in the UK in order to prove the fetus at 17 weeks old to have their own feelings, and even facial expressions can be used to express emotions, they released photos of a very great shock ─ ─ fetus in the mother womb, exposing shallow smile of the ultrasound pictures.

The medical community had identified the maximum number of weeks abortion is 24 weeks, but these researchers say that, after 17 weeks should be reduced to son. Because, from this picture shows more than 17 weeks the fetus can already feel happy, relatively, but also feel the pain and suffering, so the implementation of abortion is inhumane.

Fetus at 17 weeks old, can already hear the sounds, feel the vibration of the outside world, before the medical community has published 18,19 week old fetus in the womb the mother crying, this time revealing a smile so obvious, or the head of a was. But, the medical community there are other experts, do not think it really is because of very pleasant, happy and reveals the "smile." Maternal fetal medicine, University of London Professor Campbell (Stuart Campbell) said he did not know how this expression is induced, but I am afraid the coincidence is due to activities, "may be yawning, or open eyelids." "17 weeks the fetus, the brain and body connection is very limited, currently only 28 weeks have confirmed that 24 good and feel pain. "

tiffany jewelryIn fact, no matter whether the baby really "smile", and for the parents are encouraging. "Smile," the baby's father, Henry said, "We are at this stage is not only concerned to have a healthy baby, however, could see his smile, it really is great!" Henry also said that as long as no accident, smiling baby next year in January came to this world.


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